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4pm – 5pm Recreational Jazz/Tap Grade PP - Grade 1

5pm -5.30pm Pre Senior Tap

6pm-6.45pm Musical Theatre (studio 1) Grade 2-5

6.45m-7.30pm Musical Theatre (studio 1) Grade 6+

5.30-6.30pm Pre Senior Troupe*** Grade 9-10

6.30pm-7.15pm Advanced Modern Jazz

7.15pm-7.45pm Advanced Senior Tap

7.45-8.45pm Senior Troupe*** Grade 10+


9.30 -10.15am Toddler Dance

10.30-11.15am Kindy Jazz/Tap Combo 3-5 years

4pm - 5pm Advanced Jazz/Tap Combo - Grade 1

5pm – 6pm Advanced Jazz/Tap Combo - Grade 2-3

6pm-7pm Advanced Jazz/Tap Combo – Grade 4-6

7pm-8pm Advanced Jazz/Tap Combo – Grade 7-8

8pm-9pm Recreational Jazz/Lyrical Combo – Grade 8+


9.30-10.15am Toddler Dance

10.30-11.15am Kindy Jazz/ Tap Combo 3-5 years

4pm – 5pm Recreational Jazz/Tap Combo Grade PP– Grade 1

5pm – 6pm Recreational Jazz/Tap Combo Grade 2 – 4

6pm – 7pm Acrobatics – Beginner

7pm – 8pm Acrobatics – Advanced **

8pm – 9.15pm Senior Advanced Lyrical and Ballet


10.30-11.15am Kindy Jazz/Tap Combo 3-5years

4pm- 5pm Recreational Jazz/Tap Combo Grade 2-4

5pm-6pm Recreational Jazz/Tap Combo Grade 5-7

6pm – 7pm Hip Hop Advanced Troupe*** Grade 6-8

6.15pm-7pm Strength and Conditioning Class (studio 1)

7pm – 8pm Hip Hop Advanced Troupe*** Grade 9+


4.30pm-5.15pm Hip Hop –Beginner/Intermediate Grade PP – 2


5.15pm-6pm Hip Hop –Beginner/Intermediate Grade 3-6

6pm-6.45pm Hip Hop –Beginner/Intermediate Grade 7-9

6.45-7.30pm Adult jazz


9am – 9.45am Recreational Jazz only pre-primary grade 2

9.45 – 10.30am Ballet – Kindy- Pre Primary

10.30am – 11.15am Ballet – Grades 1-3

11.15am – Ballet Grade 4-6 Junior troupe

12.45 – 1.30pm Strength and conditioning

1.30pm-2.15pm Ballet grade 7 -9

Some of the classes fill up fast so please inform of your commitment ASAP so you don’t miss your first preference.

The advanced classes and troupe classes are by invitation only as they have guidelines and criteria that must be met.

All Advanced children must have been dancing for at least 4 years . Please do not enter your child into an advanced class if they aren’t prepared to work hard, as this is unfair on the children that are really committed and dedicated. The children in advanced classes should be also learning other genres. This is a class for the super committed! Thank you for your understanding

Extra classes will be added if need be according to demand.

Class will not take place with less than 6 students

Troupe classes will not take place with less than 8 students

Studio 1 is the small studio

*Troupe: Troupe group is the class that enters dance Competitions in April and October. Troupe classes have strict guidelines that must be read by parents and signed. You can obtain this info from reception. Decisions pertaining to troupe are at the discretion of teachers and directors.

Price List for 2016

Annual Enrolment Fee: Toddler Bop $20

All other classes $35



Toddler Bop $11 $14

Jazz/Tap Kindy 45 minutes $12 $15

Jazz/Tap 1 hour $13 $15

Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop 45 minutes $13 $15

Musical Theatre $12 $14

Family Rewards $600

Multi Class Any 3 classes for $30 per student – No Further Discounts Apply

Please note: GST does apply to all accounts.

Accounts can be paid by Cash, Cheque or EFT


If you pay for the whole term in week 1, then you will receive a 10% discount.

If you pay casually and miss a class then a $5

holding fee applies.

Birthday Parties can be held at the studio on Saturday afternoon's and Sundays

or any time during school holidays.