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    Here is the information you will need regarding our 2017 Mid-Year Showcase.

    The Showcase is being held at Peter Moyes College, Mindarie on Saturday 13th August from 3pm-5:30pm. Please allow for the show to possibly go over by half an hour.

    The showcase is an opportunity for children to perform in front of an audience in a relaxed and stress free environment. If children are new to dance, it allows them to gain confidence and understanding of their performance which , in turn, allows the end of year concert to run smoothly as the children are not anxious about the unknown. For those that have performed, it is another opportunity to strengthen their performance aptitude and enhance their self-confidence.

    Most of the routines are not finished as yet, I prefer it this way because come end of year concert I want the parents to be ‘blown away’ by the improvements they will see in their children and the surprise they get by the completed performance. You will be AMAZED at how improved the performance will be, come the end of year concert.

    ARRIVAL TIME - All students need to be at Peter Moyes with hair and makeup already done by 2.15pm. Parent Helpers need to arrive at 2:15pm. General public will be allowed in 2.45pm

    WHAT TO WEAR - All dances need to wear black, so this can be a black leotard with tan stockings, or black singlet/t-shirt with black shorts or black leggings. We have some EDC uniforms in stock and available to purchase but these are not compulsory. Hip hop students can wear baggy black pants if they wish with a black top.

    HAIR - All students to wear their hair in neat bun, you can get bun nets (similar to hair nets just smaller) from supermarkets or Priceline type places, these make life so much easier when trying to do a bun.

    NO GLITTER IN HAIR – as you all know, normally Carrie-Anne loves her glitter, but we are having NO GLITTER at showcase because we will get charged an extra cleaning charge if glitter is found anywhere.

    MAKEUP - Makeup will enhance your child’s appearance so they will not look ‘washed out’ on stage under the lighting. Foundation is to be a shade darker than their natural skin tone, with neutral blush and eyeshadow, mascara and pink lipstick (if your child’s class requires anything different you will receive a separate note). If your child is coming straight from another sporting event and you will not have time to do makeup, then please don’t worry.

    SHOES - All students in jazz/tap classes will need both their jazz/ballet shoes and tap shoes. Ballet students need ballet shoes, Acro students need acro shoes and hip hop students need trainers/sneakers.


    FOOD - You can send dry food with the children such as crackers but please

    NO POPCORN OR SULTANAS AND ESPECIALLY NO NUT PRODUCTS. Please make sure your child has a water bottle with them, with ONLY WATER in it.

    We will have snacks available to purchase before the showcase starts and at intermission.

    LABELS - Please make sure everything your child has with them is labelled, bags, shoes, water bottles – EVERYTHING!

    TICKETS - We will have the 2 types of seating again this year, Grandstand/Tiered and floor seating (which is in front of the grandstand seating). The grandstand holds 190 people, and it will be first in best dressed for these seats. Seats are not allocated seating for showcase, so you just choose where you sit, but you will have to show your tickets before sitting in grandstand area.

    You can purchase tickets from the desk at Esteem, from Tuesday 19th June. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase.

    Ticket payment is Cash only as we don’t have EPTPOS facilities at the studio

    Grandstand tickets Adults $15, Child $10

    Floor seating Adults $10, Child $7

    Tickets will be on sale from June 19th 2017

    They can be purchased on Saturdays 9.45am – 1.30pm

    Mondays 5pm - 7pm

    Tuesdays 10.15 – 10.30 4pm – 8pm

    Wednesday 10.15-10.30 5pm-7pm

    Thursday .10.15 – 10.30 4.30pm – 7pm

    Friday 4.30 – 6pm

    PARENT HELPERS- I also need helper parents, two for each group. The helper parent is responsible for looking after their whole group, not just their own child. They will stay with the group for the entire show and put them on stage and take them off. We will have the groups sitting out to the side of stage so you should be able to watch most of the show.

    ** If your child is not able to do showcase for any reason can you please let us know ASAP**

    Much Love



Call Carrie-Anne to register 0408 942 272 or email

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• Australian Dance Festival – A number of my senior students and my teachers came with me to the Australian Dance Festival in Sydney this year. We had an amazing time learning from Australia’s best choreographers in many different genre’s.
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